Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scifi Energy Source - Primal Matter

The other day, while letting my mind wander, I came up with a concept for a new energy source to use in scifi games. Now, I'm sure it's been done before, but it was new to me and it seemed like it would be a great McGuffin and/or the core to space travel in a setting. What is it you ask?

Primal matter.

Rather than have some sort of reaction-based power source like anti-matter or nuclear and such, I thought about a power source based on minute particles of the very stuff that was at the heart of the Big Bang. In my concept, much as there are a few unburned grains of powder thrown free of a black powder explosion, the Big Bang scattered traces of the incredibly concentrated, energy-rich matter that set the universe in motion. Such primal matter could/would then be harnessed for space flight, weapons, evil mad inventions, doomsday devices, whatever.

It's a simple idea, but it works in both hard scifi and more pulpy settings alike and could easily be the focus of adventures where players are racing to find the stuff or perhaps adventuring in a universe where the stuff is the cosmos's most valuable commodity.


1 comment:

  1. This stuff is insanely valuable. Wars will be fought over control of tiny amounts of it. A penniless prospector, should he be lucky enough to find a few grams of it, would become the wealthiest man in the star system overnight.

    I love it.


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