Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Primaeval Designs Product Tracker

So after spending a bunch of time looking at the sculpts on the Primaeval Designs Yahoo Group as well as coorresponding back and forth through email and Facebook with the sculpter, Richard Deasy, I have to admit to having become a bit of a Primaeval fanboy. This isn't a creepy sort of thing, I've just become a fan of Rich's work and of the product line. I believe that this line of minis has the potential to become a great line.

In the interest of helping out, I've decided to keep a bit in the sidebar posting the current product line available from Primaeval Designs through Acheson Creations. Due to Acheson's lead man Craig's busy schedule, there is a bit of lag between what is in production and what shows in production on the website. It's easy enough to email Craig through the Acheson site to order anythign not listed in the shopping cart system, but you have to know what's there to order it. So, the listings I post and hope to update monthly or semi-monthly depending on how quickly the info becomes available should help folks out a bit.

Keep in mind that I'm not getting anything in return for this, just the knowledge that I am helping a relatively new line (out since March) get off the ground and overcome some its initial hurdles. I'm sure Craig and Rich will smooth things out eventually, but I'm going to do what little part I can to help.

Thanks for reading and show Primaeval some love y'all!



  1. some really nice looking scupts. Will be keeping my eyes on this line.

  2. I've long thought that someone should release prehistorics in 1/72 plastic. So I am happy to see these 15mm figs are on their way.


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