Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dralasite Fill-In Mini?

While cruising through the Reaper Miniatures website (what, you don't do that?) I found this gem:
Except for the height and mouth in the neck... looks like a Dralasite to me. Mark this one ordered as soon as I have some $.

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  1. How funny, I saw this guy just last night while looking through the Chronoscope line for zombie survivors and thought how badly I wanted to pick him up to paint. Seems a too 'techy' for a Dralasite, but with a little conversion work he might work. He'd have to be a Dralasite God or behemoth, since you're going 15mm in Star Frontiers!

  2. A cool-looking alien and very convertable for 28mm SF games.

    I am thinking that I might try to convert Drals from some other existing SF mini in 15mm. Maybe find some sort of squat humanoid that I can buy lots of cheap for the main frame and then start adding putty.

  3. Definitely would not use these for 15mm! Too big! But if you were interested in 25 or 28mm, I think this guy could be useful.

  4. Y'know, you could paint that mouth to look like a polyvox, or even the collar of a turtleneck.

    In the Star Frontiers campaign my friend ran back in the mid-'80s, a Dralasite's size was a direct result of his END: The higher the score, the bigger they were, from the teensy things sneaking drinks in the basic rulebook to the monster punching desert critters in the main rulebook...and up!

  5. Get two, and take a leg of the second to give him three legs.


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