Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Other Half

This is Jenn. You've seen her mentioned in various posts as the mistress of all things stitchy and crafty, but she's also a gamer and a pretty good terrain builder. She puts up with a lot of my crap and the long blathering discussions of gaming stuff that I'm sure are far less interesting to her than they are for me.

We've been together for ten years, married for eight of them and it just keeps getting better. She has played in many of the games I've run and is currently playing Nermal the cleric in my family Labyrinth Lord game. She's also the co-instigator of the Dustswallow project for Gutshot!.

What can I say other than she is incredibly patient and extremely cool and gamer/gamer friendly.

Hats off to Jenn!



  1. Congrats on the gamer-wife. It's the only way to go, IMHO.

    And she even lets you post pictures of her on your blog. My fiancee would have my head on a spike if I did that! :P

    (Word verification: "entscri" - as in: "Forest fires make entscri."

  2. My wife is absolutely non-interested in gaming, but doesn't mind me doing it regularly. I think that's actually good, gives me my guy time when I play.

  3. Stitching and gaming? Score! Plus it makes those pleas for miniatures allowance easier to make!

    I've got a very non-gamer wife, but she supports my choice of hobbies nonetheless. I've surprisingly seen some non-gamer wives almost belittle their spouses about the hobby.

  4. My wife is a gamer-widow. Totally not interested in playing, though she did try years ago.

    However, she is very tolerant and understanding.

    As she (frequently) puts it: "At least you're not out getting drunk or doing drugs or running around with other women. Geeky I can live with."

  5. I had to give her approval on the pic before I could post it. It's also her Facebook pic :)

    She is good, though at times I do go a bit too far into gamer land. I can never be too geeky for her, but there are times when she grows tired of hearing about rules this, blog that, system that, OSR, etc etc.

    But then again she also insists that I get to GameStorm every year as me time.



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