Friday, April 9, 2010

[Labyrinth Lord] End of the First Adventure

Last night was the first regular session of my family Labyrinth Lord game. The introductory/test dungeon I was running my girls and the wife through was intended to be a short, fundimental adventure to let them test the waters of RPGs. Both girls are having a blast and my wife is having fun playing along, though she does have to hold back and not drive the part sometimes. Last night's game was also the end of the first adventure and it ended with a bit of tension and some good treasure.

The main tension of the session came when the party barely squeaked by a carrion crawler in the main ostuary chamber of the ancient temple they were exploring. They didn't fight it but left it behind when they pressed on to the final chamber in the dungeon.

After successfully making their way through the obstacles in the chamber and looting what they could before getting themselves into trouble, the party fled back the way they came and found themselves between the carrion crawler and whatever was lurking in the water in the chamber they just left. Having no choice but to fight through the beast, they set to the task of some quick sword work. By the end of the three rounds of combat, two of the party were paralyzed, leaving the goblin and the NPC dwarf to drag the cleric and the other dwarf, as well as the loot out of the dungeon. Fortunately for the party, they had been better about cleaning out the rest of the dungeon.

It's funny how the girls are shaping up as players. Anna (10) was immediately concerned  with what was next after the first adventure ended. She wanted to head off to the city to sell their goods and to seek the next adventure. Looks like she's the sort of some good sandbox play.

Nimue (6) is already learning her dice and also using her character sheet to practice learning her reading. Nim, is also showing signs of being one of those deep role-players. She always wants to do everything in character and actually gets quite insistant about everyone using character and not player names at the table.

I look forward to running the next adventure.



  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

  2. It's really neat that your girls enjoyed themselves so much - I look forward to hearing more of their adventures

  3. :) I love it! We got Madi (my eldest at 4) a set of pink dice today. She got them with her Easter money from the Easter egg hunt we had. She counted up all of the dice and says "Now I am ready to game with you dad.!" I can't wait!


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