Monday, March 1, 2010

Quicky Terrain Build

The other day I found a mess of fine metal wire mesh that I think came with a plaster molding kit or something. I have no clue exactly where it came from but it just so happens that this stuff is just about perfect for chain link fence in 15mm. So, realizing that, I made it into just that very thing.

I've got a few different plans for doing this. I did several sections that were only 40mm long with the post in the middle and the end just sort of "floating". This allows them to be added into sections mid-way down without that double post effect you get when you put the posts at the end. The other sections are varying lengths spanning anywhere from 2 to 4 posts. The are also built with open ends that are about half a "span" long so that when butted up against another section they will look like a single span between posts. The picture above shows a few of the 40mm spans strung together with some of my shanties.

Not much else to report!



  1. I have a poster you may like to put on the fences



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