Thursday, March 18, 2010

In the Category of WTF! - More GameStorm Lunacy


That is about all I can manage to describe the last session of the "Sea Dracula" con participation game. I've never even heard of this con tradition until this year, but I might have to sit in on a session just to see it in action. Here is the description of the Sunday's session -

Sea Dracula returns to GameStorm. You've heard the stories of pantsless dancing lawyers, piggy back cross examinations, hostile transvestite witnesses and full jury dance parties. Now see it for yourself!

Thank god my game of Wings of War vs Kong is there to spare me the temptation to witness what sounds like a rather Monty Pythonesque display.
That is all. Returning to "normal" now.


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  2. Too bad you didn't make it. Here's what you missed:

  3. Wow, called out on my own blog.

    Jake, I'll give it a look and then give it a fair review.
    I am an anime fan. Perhaps the game isn't as odd as it sounds.


  4. Woopse..thought this was about something else and it looks like it's about Sea Dracula.

    Sea Dracula, like most live-action events, just came in under my radar. Regardless of my feelings on the content, which sound zany and almost got me to at least watch, I just don't place the live-action events high on my list of things to do.

    RPGs, panels, miniatures, and board games are ll whatI'm mainly there to do.

    If Sea Dracula makes it back next year, then perhaps I shall give it a peep (not the marshmallowsort).



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