Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gearing Up For GameStorm.

GameStorm 12 fast approaches and I am scheduling my games for the convention. Even with the convention running from the MArch 25-28 there still doesn't seem like a lot of room. This year looks promising with more RPG and minis games than last year. One thing I noticed on the schedule were a ton of independent RPGs being playtested, prototyped or otherwise featured.

These indie RPGs are sort of interesting to read over and range from the "ho-hum" to the curious, interesting and all the way to the "WTF" category. Here are a few -

Sea Dracula
Sea Dracula is the award winning game of dancing animal lawyers. Four brave players take the roles of Attorneys to prosecute the most famous cases in Animal City.

Warning: Sea Dracula contains dancing.

Double Warning: While only 4 players can play lawyers, any number of spectators can join the game as Jury. Last year over 30 spectators witnessed Sea Dracula at Gamestorm!

Bliss Stage
Bliss Stage is a young adult post-apocalyptic romantic fantasy. In it, a small band of surviving teenagers fight a group of mysterious dream-like aliens with robots made of mechanized love. It’s a giant robot combat game which focuses on the personal cost of conflict, and hope for the future, rather than exact figures and heat sinks. It’s famous for it’s system of relationship handling, and the anchor-pilot system which combines mission-based scenarios with in-character role-playing.

Junk Drawer Wars: Design a game
Come, grab some junk, form a team and make a game! attendees will have 2 hours to design a game in small teams, using kits of assorted materials, and then will get to demo their game, and win prizes!

Peng Lai: Cinematic Chinese Adventure!
There is a story in Peng Lai that is passed down through the years that speaks about those who were born into this world with the favor of heaven written upon them. it is said that they will bring great change into the world; for better or for worse.

In this game you play one of the chosen of heaven to bring about the next age of man. How you do this is up to you and your companions. However, doing this will not be an easy task since there will be many who have much to lose with the coming of a new age. The challenges ahead will require you to gather allies to your side so that they can support you when you are in need.

As you can see, it's a pretty eclectic bunch of games that people are conjuring up and some of them, like Sea Dracula, obviously have some deep roots. I have to say that Bliss Stage is one of those total, WTF game concepts for me. War machines made of mechanized love? Really?

Anyhow, there are other gems on the schedule that do look like great fun and I am eager to play them. Listed below are the games I have signed up for so far. I am trying to leave room open for browsing and pickup games...oh...and eating.

Take care!


Thursday, March 25, 2010
Time At 5:00 PM
The Adventurers
Think Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom. Adventurers try to escape a Mayan temple alive w/ the most archeological treasures. Avoid being crushed between walls, smashed by a rolling boulder, dissolved in lava, or drowned by a waterfall. Takes cleverness, risk taking & luck to win.

Time At 8:00 PM
Red Dragon Inn
Enjoy the Inn after the Dungeon delve. Drink, gamble and back stab your fellow adventures.

Friday, March 26, 2010
Time At 10:00 AM
Cinematic space combat. Easy Rules. Carriers launch Skirmishers and Missile Fighters. Particle Bow Frigates start charging up. The Hammerhead launches a salvo of missiles. Engage Afterburners!

Time At 4:00 PM
Chaos in the Old World
Take four Chaos gods, each with their own unique powers and followers; add in a world desperate to fend off its imminent corruptions and destruction; stir in a healthy dose of struggle, conflict and plastic minis and you have Chaos in the Old World.

Time At 9:00 PM
The Great Space Race
A short time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, powerful alien races gave the six most inept species a choice - win or be destroyed. As one of these alien racers, you must use speed, tactics and luck to ensure the survival of your people!

Saturday, March 27, 2010
Time At 9:00 AM
Will you defend or assault the stronghold? Repair walls, train soldiers and do everything you can to hold the castle as long as possible as defender; or build war machines, equip and train soldiers and use rituals to achieve victory as invader.

Time At 2:00 PM
Rush 'n Crush
They hop aboard futuristic, armoured and over-equipped vehicles. And the race begins. The goal is to be the first across the finish line, as only first place counts. Fire your engines, buckle your helmet, and be ready for the armed racing game!

Time At 5:00 PM
Space Hulk
Join us in a double sized game of Space Hulk!

Time At 9:00 PM
What is Old School GMing?
A discussion of what makes a game "old school", and it has little to do with the game system.

Sunday, March 28, 2010
Time At 8:00 AM
Wings Of War (WWI allied VS King Kong)
Play out a scenario in which you pilot fighter planes trying to shoot down King Kong using this unique card and miniatures game system.


  1. That Junk Drawer Wars sounds interesting. But yeah, that "mechanized love" thing is a complete WTF.

  2. Wow, I'm jealous, I haven't been to a con in ages. It looks like you've signed up for some cool games, fighting King Kong in the Wings of War game sounds particularly fun!

  3. As I said before in the email bud have fun. The kong game looks great and I have enjoyed a few games of Adventure myself. I am gearing up my vietnam game Ambush Valley for the con at the end of April.

  4. Have fun! Maybe next year you can run some Gutshot!

  5. Last year I decided I wanted to run a game this year, but that fell through because I planned too big for a game I'd be doing from the ground up.

    If I do run something next year, it'll be something I've already been playing and don't have to start from scratch.

    Gutshot! or Land Ironclads come to mind.


  6. How can it not be fun? It's me and my entire gaming group at a convention for four days!

  7. Alas I will be at our own local con at the same time.


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