Monday, February 1, 2010

More Fantasy Art

Once again, I thought I would share some of the artwork that populated my Monstrous Compendium. This times, I thought I'd pick a few that were not so directly based in particular folklores.



Back in the day, Ral Partha (remember them?) redid a good number of their original orcs as the semi-somical Thumpers by adding rabbit head and feet to them. Same figs pretty much, just turned into killer bunnies. I bought a few of them and wrote them up for my games and did this piece of art for them

Most people who see this make an immediate Usagi Yojimbo comment, and that would not be an accident. I am a huge fan of the rabbit bodyguard and decided that my rabbit dudes would become the Usagi-jin or "rabbit people" for the Oriental Adventures part of my campaign world.

Giant, Ikwana
Not all of my stuff was so straight forward and encounter-based. Sometimes I would even come up with a monster that was so oddball, I couldn't figure out a way to use it in my games. The Ikwana Giants were one such creature.

Existing only on an out of the way tropical island, these giants were designed as a sort of living analog to the moai stone heads on Easter Island. The Ikwana were mysterious blind giants who lived in a primitive state and spent much of their time in contemplation. They had a ritual by which any secret of the universe they came across in their meditations would be tattooed on their flesh. If somebody were to find their island, they could potentially unlock deep mysteries of the cosmos and forgotten or untold lore.

Mad Jack
Undead are one of my favorite monster types (along with faeries) and I like to come up with lots of creepy and odd-ball sorts. One such haunt is the Mad Jack.

Created when the spirit of a killer refuses to rest the Mad Jacks creates a new body for itself by possessing, reshaping and animating the pumpkins and squash that grow around or over its grave. This animated visage of wickedness then goes out into the world to seek vengeance on those who it sees as having done it wrong, starting with the community that did it in.

Like a lot of my creatures, the Mad Jack has a sort of folksy name to it, another thing I like to do with my monsters. It gives them a sense of place and context.

Some monsters in my compendium existed just because I drew a good picture and needed to make a monster for it. I think like any good fantasy artist I like a little sex with my swordplay and I was not afraid to draw female forms (an ability I seem to have lost). I am sure a good amount of youthful hormones played into many of those pictures.

This particular creature was intended as one of those seductress menaces for my players along the lines of nymphs, succubi, nereids and the like. I particularly like this pic due to the sensuality of the smoke and the very confident and purposeful expression on the figure's face.


  1. That houri... grrrr! And the giant is nice too.

  2. I had a pumpkin head in one of my games once. I really should get those pictures from photobucket and from my myspace account and put them on my blog. The game was all about the players using their DND characters in a semi miniatures style game to stop the 8 seals from opening. This would essentially connect Return to Castle Ravenloft with Demonweb Pits once the characters reached 11th level.

  3. Nice art. I too was a big Usagi fan back in the day.


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