Friday, February 26, 2010

Hitting The Wall

It finally happened. After an incredibly productive past few months, I can fee myself slowing down. Inspiration and motivation are low. I am drawing and writing less, can't pick up a paint brush to save my life and I even completely spaced Word Verification Wednesday (I owe you double next week). This happens every so often, but usually more frequently and for less time. I'm sure, however, that I am not the only one who finds themselves afflicted in this way from time to time.

What can one do when such a slump hits?

Keep producing.

I don't mean in the same way that one does when inspiration flows freely and the moment is right, but in the way that gets stuff done. I find myself working on simple projects or finishing ones that have been sitting idle for a bit. Digging out my shanties, basing some up, making a few small and simple terrain features, and I even started the structure on a major terrain piece.

The way I see it, these down times are the perfect spot to work on all that grunt work and monkey work that really bogs down the flow of a really good spat of creative flow. If I can keep myself busy with this stuff while I wai for the batteries to recharge, then when I bounce back I'll have plenty of things out of the way. This leaves the road clear for starting new projects, painting and detailing existing ones and engaging in the more entertaining and stimulating aspects of the hobby.

Perhaps inspiration will hit when I get back from GameStorm and have had a chance to really "get my geek on" in a total gamer environment.

Take care,



  1. I think we all have these. My specific hobby interests ebb and flow. Sometimes I consciously want to be inspired to do something (like work on my book), but I just have to embrace whatever other interest presents itself at the time. I think it must be good to switch your focus every once in a while. It's refreshing for your mind.

  2. Hang in there. I'm sure there isn't a single gamer/writer/blogger that hasn't encountered the same problem from time to time (I know I have). Don't force it. Sometimes going on a tangent and doing other jobs can be enough to unlock the grey matter.

  3. You are absolutely right Eli! When one hits the wall, turn to those little and often projects to keep the momentum going.


  4. I like to do something that inspired me when I was young, like reading Robert E. Howard or E.R. Burroughs. Or just going through my comics collections or old D&D character sheet. Don't force it though.

  5. Keep your chin up Eli!
    I'm not surprised, though, as if you look back over your posts and activity so far this year, you put most of us to shame with how much you have done!

    Just kick back, thik about something else for a while, and the 'itch' to put your hand to something will soon return.... :-)

  6. You've been posting like a madman for awhile, + you drew up a cool Maimling for my Word Verification Wednesday! So you get WVW cred for that! : )

  7. Yep I really get into something and then just as quickly can get back out of it. I'm like a big kid. Don't worry though brother because things come back around. Also I like to paint when I get up against a wall.

  8. I've been keeping busy here and there. I worked on some accent scenery for 15mm terrain over the weekend and am still planning my pulp adventure RPG campaign, assuming I ever hear from the players.

    I also got the basic structure for a colony atmosphere processor doo-hicky done. Now I need to detail it and get it painted.


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