Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guest Posters

Hey all,

You may have noticed that recently other people besides myself have been posting to ISLP. These people also have blogs of their own but they have agreed to slap the occasional post on my blog when they feel it it might interest my readers or perhaps just doesn't fit the theme of their own blogs.

I hope that you'll enjoy the posts they put forward. Some of them are simple links back to their own blogs and other are postings in their own right. Right now the two posters are Rob of ArmChairGeneral and J. Womack from Victoria's Boys In Red. Great guys with some good (and sometimes crazy) ideas.

Thanks all,



  1. I assume that the sometimes crazy ideas are mine ;) Thanks for the blog comments. You run a great blog yourself. Now if I can just get my buds to give me the darned pictures of Siege of Augusta so I can post some pics.

  2. You think you're the crazy one?

    I just started WHFB again, with my sons. I'm the crazy one.

  3. No argument there. Good name though.


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