Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Votes Are In

Thank you all who participated in the poll. I must say that for a while there the thing was neck in neck. I had my own ideas about how I wanted things to go, but kept them mostly quiet so as not to skew the results. Given that so many of you voted against the splitting of the content on ISLP into two different blogs and my own reservations to do so, it will be staying as a single blog.

You may have noticed a few changes during the last week. I cleaned up the tags list to only show some of the various tags I have used. The tags are still there on the posts, so you can still locate related posts, but I thought that the tag list was getting a bit all over the place and out of control. I'll add other tags as they pile up and as I see deserve special notice.

Another change was to get rid of the list of blog links and putting in a standard blog roll. This was not meant to slight anyone but was done so that my blog would reflect current activity on the blogs I frequent and help network the good work being done there. It's also an aid to myself for being able to reference the blogs I read when I am not able to get into my dashboard.

On top of this all, I am looking for ways to continue to improve ISLP including ways to title posts that make them easier to track as a series or under certain topics. As the content on this blog broadens in range and scope, I am concerned thyat it may become difficult for folks to track and sort through my various interests. I'm sure you'll all figure it out but please feel free to throw me any suggestions you might have.

Thanks for all your continued readership and interest.



  1. I have played with the tags but I think that a reorder is in order for me as well. Good work Eli!

  2. It's like spring cleaning! It looks great and has that lemon-y fresh smell =)


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