Monday, January 18, 2010

ArmChairGeneral: VSF Venusians

Apparently I am on a painting spree today! I hope I can keep this up! Up next are some arachnid warriors from StarShip Troopers which I intend on using for that plus Venusians for my VSF and Pulp games. I was inspired by Avatar pictures and scenes with the blue color of these creatures. I have yet to see the movie. You cannot tell but I actually used Bleach Bone on five of the creatures and pure white on another five. They were painted dark blue and then drybrushed turquoise before the claws, teeth and sharp pointy bits were painted.



  1. VSF Venusians? Cool! I have lizardmen and parrotmen on Venus. Adding plantmen, too. And dinosaurs. But no giant bugs. Good idea, though!

  2. How many Parrot Men you got J?

    I've got about 32 of them. 12 or so assembled, converted, and based black. I am not going to use them...

  3. I have one painted, one assembled, and 8 in pieces. Not a single one is actually finished, and I bought the bits almost two years ago now.

    On the plus side, I have almost got 20 15mm Imperial German Luftschiffetruppen done in the last few days.

  4. Thanks J. What are the parrotmen? Are they 15mm?

  5. Both J. and I have used 40K Kroot for Parrot Men. Neither of us can claim the idea as our own as this seems to have been a pretty standard thing to do among 28mm VSF players.

    If you would like, I have a whole box of snipped, sorted, but unassembled Kroot you can have.


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