Friday, January 1, 2010

Reginald's Regiments of Renown - Update

I mentioned a few posts back that Mr. Womack over at "Victoria's Boys in Red" was going to be doing a series of posts highlighting the various troops in his VSF gaming universe and he has indeed done so. "Reginald's Regiments of Renown" is on its sixth installment as of today and it is indeed a fun read and a nice glimpse into the creative workings of a fellow VSF gamer. So far he has featured European colonial troops as well as Martian and Venusian units of note. The units covered so far are -

  1. First Victoria Landing Foot (Sepoy)
  2. Das Erste Regiment der Fliegerjaegerren (First Flying Hunter Regiment)
  3. Royal Artillery Research and Development Platoon
  4. The Warband of Slee-stak (Ess’this R’sska Slee-stak
  5. The Emerald Legion
  6. √Ątherbattalion Regiments

I know J. Has a very diverse and well-developed universe for his VSF game and I've been privy to a lot of it, but he's still managing to pull out stuff in just the first six installments of Reginald's that I've not seen or known little about.

Check it out. I think you'll enjoy it.



  1. I need to get into colonial gaming. I bought G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. quite a few years ago but haven't played it. I've been painting some Roughrider miniatures because I haven't seen too many U.S. Troops in colonial era gaming, but maybe I should go with American Civil War figures.

    I've been following the updates on ROR blog and there's some great stuff on it! I like that they referred to the leader of the lizard ment "Sleestak". Land of the Lost is a childhood favorite of mine!

  2. Roughriders are fine. I think you will have fun with them. It all comes down to what point in time you run your game. Also, using a lesser scene nation is cool too. Heck, I made my own Imagi-Nation up.

    I also liked the name of the lizardman leader.

  3. I am using Freikorps's Spanish American War American infantry for my 15mm VSF Texicans. Only have one squad painted so far. Maybe they need to make it into Reginald's soon.

    As far as ol' Slee-stak is concerned, I always like odd names for my characters, and I spent many hours as a child wondering why the sleestaks didn't starve to death being such lousy shots. Trivia: Several Detroit Pistons made off-season money by wearing the sleestak outfits.


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