Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gaming Resolutions For 2010

I tend to avoid resolutions as I am notoriously manic when it comes to gaming. My mood shifts with the winds and it is hard for me to keep on task and then when I do not keep my resolutions, I feel bad for not having completed them. But this year I have decided to try to change this trend and actually make Yoda proud and "finish what I begin".

I intend to keep the goals simple, but very specific. No waffling and allowing myself to worm out of things with vague plans that allow for broad interpretation. The list will be kept shot to allow for side projects and my budget, but here it is in no particular order...

2mm Land Ironclads
This will be easy as I already had a headstart on it in 2009. I not only intend to finish my Martian army for this but to get some battles in against the evil Europeans and Venususians that threaten my sacred red planet.

 I still need to develop a competetive army structure as I am not going with giant Land Ironclads as weapons of war for my decidedly Barsoomian/Sace 1889 Martians.

Start A New Role-Playing Campaign
This is not as specific as I might want, but RPGs are odd ducks in that they depend heavily on mood and the right group. I intend to get a game going either in an existing campaign world or possibly in a new world of my own creation. Perhaps I'll have a go at some OSR gaming but I'm still weighing the options that are out there.

Start my Oldest Daughter Gaming
She has shown an interest in the last year but we haven't really been able to get a good game going. We have some games in mind, both miniatures and RPG and I'll have to work at getting time set aside to make sure we give it afair run. She's 10 now and quite bright and I really would like to take advantage of that and encourage her creative juices, which she has ton of, through the wonders of gaming.

Let's see how this goes. A lot of my minis projects this last year have been chasing the everpresent "Ooo Shiney" beast that will never be caught. I've painted and built a lot, but with no particular focus. Nothing wrong with that, but it does leave me a bit right back where I started when it comes time to play something.

Wish me luck and I send you all my luck for your New Years gaming resolutions!



  1. "... mood shifts with the winds..." - LOL, you and me both Eli! As proof, your post brings back to my mind Land Ironclads. Damn you, damn you to shards!

    (LI is way neat-o...)

  2. Grego,

    We all do it to ourselves. LI is a pretty cheap game to get into if you don't mind doing some conversions. The game scale is pretty darned forgiving and you'd be amazed what you can cobble together out of stuff you may already have in your collection.

  3. Best of luck Eli. If it's any comfort to you, I too am a sufferer of moods which shift with the winds and my players will testify to this. May we perform better with more fun this coming year!

  4. Heya chief! Happy new year, good luck on getting the '10 focus!

  5. if you would like to playtest
    an old school sci-fi RPG based upon Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom,
    send an address to
    LOUISL2 at COX dot NET
    and I mail you several bound copies

  6. Hey, if you get those Barsoom games, send me one Eli!

    I too am a chronic sufferer of oohshiny-itis. I get distracted midway through many projects. I think a good clear and achievable goal is a good idea.

    Good luck Eli. We're gonna need it!

  7. We'll see. Heck, he's more in your neck of the woods than mine.

  8. Hey, Eli - a Happy New Year to you and yours. Good luck in getting your daughter into gaming - that is surely why gamers have kids, right?

    But seriously, I will be continuing to post updates on the Training Dungeon (converting to S&W at a blog near you soon) and you can also read about a second Dad DM's efforts with it at Old 4 Eyes' blog. I will also be posting some perspicacious and insightful observations on gaming with kids as the year goes on.


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