Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Artwork

Folks seemed to like the art I posted, so I thought I'd share some more. I'll keep the text light this time. Tell me what you think!



"AvP - Alien vs Poker"

                           "Discussion"                                                               "Scout Bot"

                     "Repairman"                                                "Lurker"


  1. you ever hear of Ron Cobb? kinda reminds me of his stuff. the way the rounded parts are. if that makes sense. keep em comin!!!

  2. Fun stuff. It has great fantasy feel to it.

  3. "Lurker" is my fave by far, but they're all great.

  4. Thanks folks. I'm always over-critical of my own work (an artist thing?) so it's nice to get outside feedback.

  5. Great stuff! For some reason, I am reminded of Ralph Bakshi's animation and the artwork in old issues of Analog I used to read. Stuff that always inspired me when I run my games.

  6. I can say that Bakshi and Cobb have both been an influence on my vision of sci fi and thus my art. I'm also influenced by a lot of the art in the old Star Frontiers and Traveller RPGs as well as the early days of FASA's Mechwarrior RPGs books.

    Funny thing about Cobb is that though I know his work, I did not know him by name until I looked him up afte the comment to this post. I'm horrible with names, so this isn't all that surprising.

  7. You've been holding out on us! This stuff is great!

  8. Alright, I have to ask, what is it about "Lurker" that everyone likes so much? That pics gets so many comments.


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