Friday, December 25, 2009

Mutant Future Character - Cheeks The Velocihamster

My daughter, Anna,  has a very fun little pet, a hamster that she has named "Cheeks The Velocihamster". My kid's great even if she is a bit of a wacko sometimes and this hamster's name just goes to show. Anyhow, when I mentioned running Mutant Future (still pending), she said she'd play and wanted to make a mutant animal based after her hamster, so we did. We are still working out the stats, but the other day at work I drew a picture of my my version of her post-apocalyptic rodent.

Anna's got a bit of a thing for edgy characters, likes cars and punky style, and with a title like "The Velocihamster" it seemed only natural that our futuristic seed-muncher be a sort of road warrior. I think the picture came out alright. I'm no pro and it's definitely unfinished but I like to think it has a certain charm to it.




  1. Having been a hamster fan for years and love the name and drawing.

    My last one did a runner taking half the side of a chair covering and most of a bag of knitting for a bed when it disappeared.

    Take a hint from one who knows - never dis the hamster!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  2. Return of the Warhamster anyone?
    Great drawing, great imagination.


  3. Awesome drawing and character Eli!!

  4. Zuzu pet's kiss my .... Great work Eli!

  5. I now need to find a suitable hamsterish road vehicle for him.

  6. Great name! We have recently added a new family member as well. His name is Ozymandias the Great and Mighty. We call him Oz. He's a Dendrobates auratus "Blue and Bronze" poison dart frog.

    Seems like this is the time of year to get new pets, eh?


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