Saturday, December 19, 2009

Geeky Gamer Christmas Treats

Last year my wife and I got into the season by making little craftsy, gaming-related gifts for my buddies in my group. All of the guys and myself, got beaded key chains last year with the name of our group "The Rover Boys". Also I had one friend who said all he wanted was a "Ring, +5 Protection" got an add-on to his that had beeded in letters "+5 Protection". He was most happy with his new Keychain +5 Protection.

Jenn, my wife, has recently been given an embroidering machine and has been collecting quite the gathering of cool, punky, twisted, and odd patterns. Some of them are cool and we have found that there is a whole community out there doing cool patterns for those who want more than hearts, moons, kittens, etc. One of the sites is called "Urban Threads" and if you or someone in your life is into embroidery of the machine nature, they should check it out.

Anyhow, we found a pattern that we thought would express how we felt about our friends and was pure gaming geekery. The ornaments are simple two sides and then quickly sewn together, stuffed to make them a bit plush and then topped off with a loop of ribbon.

What do you think!


  1. That's a cool story, and the '+1 Awesome' dice is just neat.

    Thanks for the link to the embroidery site - not the usual link you'd expect to see on a games-related blog, but my wife appreciates it!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and a safe and happy New Year.

  2. I thought it was worth sharing. Gamers usually have other hobbies and definitely know people that do.


  3. Oh, I so am going to make a bunch of this kind of stuff next Christmas! Great idea!

  4. Cool! The guys really seem to enjoy these little things.



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