Thursday, December 17, 2009

2mm Tribal Martians for Land Ironclads

I finally had a chance to go through the contents of the army pack I ordered from Irregular Miniatures. Because there are no dedicated Martian figs in the Irregular line, I ordered an Earthly army that seemed like it would fit the feel of a Martian force. My original plan had been to do the army of a Martian city-state but the contents of the army were decidedly less organized so I decided to build a tribal coalition of wilder Martian nomads and such.

Everything in the pic, with the exception of the front cavalry block, came in the army pack and comprises a pretty decent size force. The infantry, beasts, and cav are mounted on 20x40mm bases with the artillery mounted on 20x30mm bases.

I won't go into too many details just yet. That can wait until they are painted, but this should be a fun project.

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  1. I really like the wedge formations! They are looking good. I can see that you cut the trunks off the elephants to make them Martian beasts. Starwars made some jabbas skiffs in a smaller scale which you could probably use with these? I intend to use mine with my LI game.

  2. I am looking for skiff-like vehicles that I can use too, but the SW stuff can be hard to track down down.

  3. Pretty cool. I just never even thought about 2mm scale.

  4. I find 2mm to be a most addictive scale. It is so easy to throw together a large army and get playing. I've often considered slapping together a travel wargaming kit.

  5. Niiiiiice! can't wait to see these guys painted up....keep up the good work, and compliments of the season to you and yours.

  6. Thanksfor your kind words SteelonSand. I am not sure they'll reach your level of matery over 2mm, but I will try.


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