Sunday, September 6, 2009

Albedo Anthropomorphics - Combat Uniforms

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Erma Felna EDF always had a very solid aesthetic to it and one of the things that established this was the solid uniforms and very defined kit on the soldiers. This was often in stark contrast to the loose-fitting civilian clothing depicted in the comics. I remember reading or hearing someplace once that this was a result of Steve Gallacci being a bit unsure of his ability to draw good anatomy. Whether or not this is entirely true Erma Felna EDF features some very believable uniforms for both field, base duty, and utility.


As you can see by the pictures of the combat uniforms above, Gallacci has put a lot of thought in how the uniforms function and accommodate the anatomy of the humanoid animals that wear them. I have always loved the layers of armor and the numerous utility pockets. Some of the helmets must really be uncomfortable for the animals (especially the rabbit in the helmet at the bottom) but like a lot of real world combat gear I suppose it's best to be a protected and a bit uncomfortable. If the weapons look a bit small it's because in the Erma Felna universe they use sabot bullets with extremely high velocity penetrating flechettes instead of conventional bullets but I'll do more on that later.

In the next post, I'll look int othe vehicles of the Albedo/Erma Felna EDF Universe

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  1. Hi Eli

    They remind me of GZG NAC uniforms.

    Why is it that we see modern soldiers in Iraq and Afghanisatn bulging with pockets and pouches all over the shop. The soldiers themselves demanded more pockets during the design of the new uniform - but almost without exception, every Sci Fi, or Future Grunt has only enough pockets/pouches for a stick of gum?


  2. Funny, I thought they looked like the FSE uniforms. But you are right about the pockets. I'd love to see some future warriors with realistic kit.


  3. Yes FSE too. I just prefer the NAC.



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