Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Albedo Anthropomorphics - Aerodynes


One of my favorite vehicles in all of Albedo has got to be the aerodyne. Seen in many sizes and in many duty roles, aerodynes are the work horses of the Erma Felna setting. Seen in both light and heavy forms and fulfilling any role from simple utility to troop transport and even gunship. Light aerodynes usually mounted just a couple of weapons mounts, usually ventral turrets for laser or autocannons and could carry up to six fully equipped soldiers or two more weapon mounts and 1 to 2 specialists to operate the additional weapons. There are high-performance aerodynes that are better versions of the light aerodynes having greater engine output and payload.

Heavy aerodynes are mainly transports and are used for vehicle and bulk supply transport, carryign anywhere from 10-36 tonnes of cargo. In the RPG materials for the setting, they are designated by a "D" an then a number designating its tonnage capacity (D10, D20, etc). They are usually armed with a pair of ventral weapons mounts, similar to the light aerodynes. There are even gunship models that carry up to four ventral turrets and up to two central mounts capable of mounting light hyperkinetic guns. Gunship models carry no passengers but carry a number of weapons specialists and extra ammo instead.

The diagram below shows the parts of a common light aerodyne.

Aerodyn Cut-Away

I do hope you are enjoying these posts as much as I am enjoying sharing the world of Albedo and Erma Felna EDF. The next posting will be a short one, showing off some of the non-combat uniforms.

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