Thursday, August 13, 2009

Possible Landmate Conversion


A while back on TMP a discussion came up on what sorts of miniatures could be used for Landmates as seen in Shirow Masamune's "Appleseed" manga and anime. If you are playing 25mm or 28mm their are at least two companies that make them - Infinity or Victory Force. If you play in 15mm your options are pretty much nil. That is when I thought of the upcoming Dawnguard Invictors from Privateer Press (pictured above).

These 30mm infantry should fall in at about the right height to serve as Shirow-esque "landmates" for 15mm troops. Of course they can't be used stock, but a little putty here, a snip there, and the scraping off of the gems and runes and they just might do nicely to stand in for something like this...

Photobucket Photobucket

As you can see they are, at least, superficially similar. I have assembled a short list of obvious conversions that I would want to do to make them look more techy.

1) Remove all obvious jewelry, runes, etc.

2) Modify or replace gun swords with hi-tech armaments (hoping the guns are seperate pieces.

3) Replace exposed elf heads with helmeted heads.

4) Round off some of the sharper edges.

5) Add "backpack"

6) Possibly add "slave arms"

This is just a brainstorming list and might change if I ever get around to actually making these.




  1. They'd work for 15mm. How would you do Briareos?

  2. I am not so worried about cyborgs. I'm more looking for something with the anime theme to go with the Japanese forces for my sci-fi armies.

    I suppose if you wanted to do cyborgs, you could start with 20mm armored figures.


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