Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Little China Girl...

Just a quick diversion from the other diversions while I spill the guts of my friend's welcome camera.

In the earlier days of the blog, I had posted some pics from some 28mm pulp adventure games. Those games, short-lived as they may have been, featured a gang of thuggish Chinese bandits known as the Jade Mountain gang. They fared pretty well against the heroes in those game but I never really got to reveal their wicked, femme fatale leader - Madame Liu.

Seen below with her #1 and #2 men and her rebellious daughter, you can see she has a certain pizazz that makes her the perfect foil for even the most stalwart hero.


The figures are all Copplestone figures. Madame Liu is actually a Russian figure but I decided that I liked the pose enough to redo her as a Chinese bandit queen. There is a rest of the gang, but they are not painted to the same standards as these four.

Hope you like,



  1. Madame Lui is tasty!

    Nice one Eli


  2. Thanks,

    I thought the pic was better when it was taken or I'd have tried to get one that was a little more clear on her.


  3. These are really very nice and would make a nice addition to my Dragon Lady throng!


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