Sunday, August 23, 2009

On The Workbench


Greetings readers,

With all the recent chat and hooplah over 15mm I thought I might post a brief glimpse of some of the things on my workbench. Some of these have been in the works for some time (the M20 scout car conversions) and others I have recently returned to. Still others are new and begging to be worked on.

Shown here are two M20 scout sar to hover scout conversions, 3 M551 Sheridan tank to light hovertank conversions and four of Dream Pod 9's Caprice walkers from their Heavy Gear line. The Caprice walkers are the first purchases toward my hi-tech scifi force and will represent AI walker tanks like those seen in Ghost in The Shell.

Not a lot more to say on these, but hope you enjoy the preview.

Take care,



  1. I like these a lot! I used to have Heavy Gear but never got around to playing it.

    What system are you going to use the miniatures for? Star Grunt?

  2. Funny thing is, I don't quite know what system.

    Heavy Gear has a lot of cool stuff in it's miniatures line, but they have really priced themselves away from getting me into the game.


  3. Sweet. The walkers do look GITS. I was doing Cyberpunk in 28 before the 15's took HOLD OF ME, and GITS was quite the inspiration. :)

    Nice stuff, good to know it's out there, i'll resist as long as i can.

  4. Don't resist. Embrace your 15mm side!

    It should be noted that the Heavy Gear Walkers are not intended for use in 15mm.



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