Monday, August 3, 2009

15mm Sci-fi Infantry Out of WW2 Germans - Part 1

Howdy all,

It's been a bit since I've done much in the way of budget gaming posts. But recently I have been having to cut back on new purchases and so my mind has turned, once again, to making do with what I have, which brings me to my latest experiment in converting old stuff to new purposes.

Years back, before I even played Flames of War and when I was gathering figs to play Gear Krieg, I happened upon a mixed collection of WW2 German Riflemen. The lot was a bit worse for wear and really didn't strike me as worthy of joining in with the rest of my Old Glory and Peter Pig Germans that I was using at the time. So, they got put away.

Well I was looking for a new project and came across these old figs again. They had been base-coated, and a few had had some color added but I had an idea and I planned to make a go of it.


The plan for these figures is to take the simple WW2 German riflemen and convert them into sci-fi troopers equipped with appropriate weapons and gear. Because of the amount of converting needed, I think I'll make these a small group of mercenaries rather than a main force. This way, if I grow tired of converting them, I can stop and be happy with the small numbers.

I hope to have some WIP pics soon and will post them as soon as I do, along with some notes on what I have done to make these guys go from Blitzkrieg Jerries to Space Mercs.

Take care,



  1. Really looking forward to seeing your WIP and your final pics.

  2. Heheh,

    So am I.

    I do hope they don't end up looking lame. Camouflage cloaks are so under-appreciated.


  3. I never could do a decent job painting Camo cloaks. Course now I bribe my friends to paint my minis for me. : )


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