Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Very Close Call

Just a quick one this time!

As I have mentioned, it has been uncharacteristically warm here in the Seattle area. Well, today, that heat almost claimed the lives of the very same combat walker that I had just finished posting today.

You see, after I finished taking pics of them, I packed them into the plastic crafts organizer tote that I have been carrying them around in. What I forgot to do, was to bring them in off the porch and as the sun crept around to that side of the building it baked that clear plastic box, subjecting my poor plastic models. Fortunately I remembered them in time but not before I could see the potential damage that might have been wrought upon my lovely combat walkers.

The smell of off-gassing plastic and acrylic paint was heavy in that tote when I opened it, but nothing looked all that worse for wear. It was when I picked up on of the models and watched the torso wobble like a bobble head that I knew things could have been much worse. I took the box inside to the coolest place I could find and allowed them to harden back up.

They are fine now, but what a close call. I will say this though, the paint jobs are likely near permanent after that kind of baking. Good thing I liked the way they looked.

Take care,


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