Sunday, June 7, 2009

June Resolution - Week One

Howdy everyone!

So, it is time for the first week in review of the "June Resolution". If you recall the resolution was to work on hobby craft for at least 15 minutes, ever day of the month of June. How am I doing?
I'll let you decide.

Monday, June 1
15 min painting Hawaiians
Tuesday, June 2
15 min painting Hawaiians
5 min basing Hawaiians
Wednesday, June 3
15 min painting 28mm Pulp figs
20 min black washing 15mm scifi power armor
10 min cleaning/prepping 15mm VSF
Thursday, June 4
60 (est. total) min finishing 4 rocky outcroppings (detailing, painting, flocking)
10 min prepping 15mm VSF
Friday, June 5
15 min finishing fifth rocky outcropping
5 min sealing all rocky outcroppings
Saturday, June 6
Family Day - No hobby craft

So, all told it was a good start to the resolution. I would like to say I got more done, but I finished up the figs I had for my Hawaii project so far and got the rocks done and they look good. I could have done more, but I also had a good time running around with kids on Friday and enjoying some of our nice weather. I would say that it was a balanced week.



  1. Sounds like a great week! And the best part was spending time with the kids and not fretting about all your projects being left untouched!

  2. Yeha, I am very happy with how things went.

  3. Balance, that should be the ultimate goal - well done Eli.


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