Monday, June 1, 2009

June Resolution

Howdy all,

So, we all have that one nagging hobby ghost that jumps out of our closet every so often "booing" us with a sore reminder of how little progress we have made on the radioactive shielding that is our miniatures collection. My ghost is a pretty scary one and I don't even own that much. Anyway, seeing as I can't afford Ghostbusters and this metaphor is already growing stale let me get onto the point.

For the month of June, I am going to set a goal to work on something every day. Now, this may seem a bit on the impossible side and I already have taken into account the days where I may not be able to, but that means some days I'll have to make up for those days. I am not setting any particular goals, just something simple - at least 15 min of hobby time every day. If I get more in, then great. In any case, I'm making progress.

To share with you, how this is all working, I will post a weekly progress report so you can see how well I succeed or fail. If I do well, then I will have to continue this plan and we may very well see a more vibrant blog from me to share with you all.

So, here we go. Night #1 and it's 10:00pm. How much can I get done?



  1. Man, I hear you on that. It's usually weeks or months in between painting sessions for me too.

  2. Good luck keeping up with that. I know how difficult it can be to find the time and the motivation simultaneously.

  3. Good luck, Eli!

    I'll try to do the same. Heck, even making a battle report posting counts, right? That took at least 15 minutes...

  4. No way J!

    Heehee, you know better.

    Posting on your blog doesn't count. The idea is to try to make a dent in the physical aspects of the hobby.

    For my own purposes I am considering the following sorts of things - painting, priming, basing, terrain building, scenario or rules writing.

    Posting to my blog will not be counted because it does nothing, save for motivation, to get the task accomplished.


  5. Woa, every day? Impossible! (for me anyway) My resolution is to finish a project before starting a new one (also impossible).


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