Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alter-Nations - Kingdom of Hawaii Part 8

Howdy all,

So, not a full update of its own, but this is a nice post of the nice pic of my first few RHA Reserve Militia provided by a buddy of mine from work who was nice enough to bring his camera into the office (thanks Kevin!). These are speed-painted to my usual tabletop standards and I have noticed a few horrible oversights , including a brush hair painted onto one of them. Personally, I think that the Freikorp Paraguayans due a fine job representing Hawaiians in service to their own nation.


The uniforms on these figures depict my idea for a pretty much standard uniform for the RHA Reserve Provincial Militia. The white shako caps are simple of simple construction and kept a white cotton or linen. These soldiers do not where a formal uniform jacket but simple loose shirts in the standard uniform yellow of the RHA. Instead of trousers, they wear a native kilt-like garment (anyone know what these are called?) and bare feet. Kilts are not standard for all militia units and different units may substitute trousers or go without either. Shoes are almost never worn by militia units unless with the exception of non-natives serving in militia service who generally prefer to keep their tender haole feet protected from the sharp island stones, coral and prickly foliage that true islanders grow up with.

Their kit is carried in a shoulder-slung satchel made from white canvas, linen or even retired scraps of sail cloth and a rolled ground mat, often made from woven thatch or more scrap sail cloth. Each militia unit is required to provide their own uniform with the exception of the headgear and their rifles.

Militia rifles are often surplus from stores previously used by RHA regulars or procured in lots from arms-traders and foreign agents. There is an attempt to keep weapons in a particular militia unit standardized to the same caliber and type of ammunition but occasionally there are times when this is not possible. When disparate ammunition types are present in the same militia, the uncommon ammunition types will be grouped together so that they may support one another or function as a separate unit for guard duty or rear-support.

Hope you enjoy seeing these figs and reading my idea for their organization.



  1. You are way too kind.

    In my haste to get them painted and ready for pictures I forgot to wash them. So maybe I will go back and do a wash to add a little definition.


  2. Wow! Its amazing how you're able to paint such small things!!! Kudos!!!

  3. They look pretty good, Eli!

    Man, I may actually paint this week.

  4. Thanks. Like most of my stuff, they look a lot better on the table than that close up.



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