Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wargaming Terrain Blogs

Just a brief post to prop a couple of DYI terrain blogs out there. First off there is the simply-named Gaming Terrain which is a spin-off site from my buddy's J. Womack's Voctoria's Boys in Red. The next site is a gem of a site Take The High Ground.

Both of these sites are full of good and pretty straight forward ideas for making effective terrain for your table. Surely some of the projects are geared toward specific genres and games that the bloggers are involved in, but many of them are generic enough to be useful regardless of what you play.

Take a look and enjoy,



  1. Thanks for the plug. I'm afraid I haven't been terribly active in the last month or so, though Take The High Ground is very good and is quite active.

    You might also want to look at Dampfpanzerwagon's blog.

    He has some good terrain articles as well, though not limited to terrain.

  2. I've been a follower of his for ages. A site I found, if you like ancients and such, is Iron Mitten. Check it out. These guys are artists and following their Gaulic Wars campaign is just beautiful.


  3. Thanks for the link Eli, some great stuff there that I will be following myself from now on.



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