Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recent Work

Things may seem a bit dead around here, but I have been working, just not getting anything photo-worthy. The foam terrain piece is advancing a bit at a time and I should have pics for that in a few days. What else have I been up to?

I have been working on a car for GW's old game Dark Future converted from a sports car into a road interceptor. I've got the putty work done and will snap a few WIP shots before I put paint to it and post it.

The Laputa project got a bit stalled as I sort of had a shift in direction on that one. Instead of going with the Napoleonic look for it, I thought it might be cool to go with more of a Lost World feel for the native aspects of the mythical place. This is less in keeping with the source literature, but may prove to be a fun angle to go with anyhow.

Also in the works are some more treats for my 15mm sci-fi project. I've got three hovertank conversions ready for WIP shots though I'm still trying to figure out what sort of turrets to go with on them. Some other things are brewing for 15mm, but more on those when they are at least started.

On top of all of this, Game Storm is fast approaching and a lot of my available money is going to my travel expenses. It will be great to go on the four day road trip with the buddies down to Portland and to immerse myself in gaming culture undisturbed by my real life. A true gamer's holiday.

Anyhow, keep watching and I'll post stuff hen I have something worth showing off.



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