Sunday, November 2, 2008

Plans for November

Well, this seems to be the "in thing" to do on gaming blogs these days, so I thought I'd be trendy and throw out a declaration of my own. It seems the thing to do after the whirlwind month of posting in October. I got a lot posted but didn't get very far on any one project. I just keep finding new things to do instead of finishing the ones ?I already have going.

Here it goes.

This month I plan to work on the following -

1) Troll Bloods. I had a huge windfall of minis to add to my Hordes army. Some of them were already nicely painted and even in the same paint scheme I had planned (bonus!). I hope I can paint anywhere near the level of these.

2) Parrot Men. I don't even play a game for these right now and I've already accumulated 30+ GW Kroot to use for them. I've got about 15 of them modified and base-coated and ready to add color. What can I say, I love the Kroot figs.

3) 28mm Scifi Scratchbuilt Jetbike Contest. I have until the end of November to get a scifi bike and rider done for entry into Rattrap's Speakeasy forum contest. So far, I have....well, I got nothing. But dang it I am not going to give up!!!

At this point, I don't want to set too lofty a goal for myself, especially when I am bound to get sidetracked.

Hey look, a chicken...


1 comment:

  1. Put a boiler on the jetbike and color it brass, with loads of rivets. Then give the rider a derby and some goggles. VSF jet bike!


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