Monday, October 20, 2008

What's on Your Table?

Taking a clue from another blogger, I decided to take accounting of my various projects and found that I have indeed managed to bury myself under projects AGAIN. I say again, because I one time, I had actually managed to cut myself some slack and expunge a few of my "go nowhere projects". These were mainly things that had one time shown promise but later proved fruitless. At any rate, I have managed to gather myself an assortment of new projects.

At this time, I have the following projects that I am actively working on -
  • Aeronef Fleet. Designing master for eventual molding and casting. I have the designs in mind and sketched out, but just need to get the masters built.

  • Land Ironclads. Converting and collecting figures to build a couple of forces. This is coming along nicely, though right now I'm strictly on a convert what I have basis. I haven't bought anything new for this, which is kind of cool.

  • Hordes Troll Bloods. I have a ton of these guys but have yet to even start painting them.

  • 28mm Parrot Men. Converting 40K Kroot into pulp scifi aliens. I have about 16 of these guys. I am currently gathering bits to do a few leader/personality types before I start painting.

  • Zombie Miniatures Project. 50+ zombies including dogs and pigs. A couple of survivor bands including one made up entirely of armed postal workers. Working on more zombie animals, including zombified zoo animals, starting with an elephant.

  • 15mm Scifi Army. Converting and painting figs from various sources for a 15mm hard scifi setting. I have a couple of platoons worth of modern Israelis and some AT-43 TacArms that I'm using for this. The TacArms are joining some converted15mm M551 Sheridans for a light assault force.

  • 15mm Fallschirmjagers. These guys are not finished after a coupe years in my hands. I love them, but all that fiddly camouflage is driving me mad. I have enough for a strengthened company in Flames of War including all manner of vehicle support.

  • Terrain. There is always terrain to be made, but I would like to try working on something a bit more structured than the wilderness stuff I have been working on.

  • 28mm Pulp Figs. Haven't played in a bit, but still building up. I still have Chinese bandits and mobsters that need to be finished and haven't even started painting my masked mercenaries. I also have plenty of characters and heroes to finish as well as some beasties.

  • Superfigs. I keep planning on this one, but have yet to settle on a team or find/get all the right figs for a team. I have a couple of robots I am converting for my criminal organization but I haven't found henchmen that pop for me. I do have some aliens that need painting but I'm also gathering figs for a fun project building a sort of half-cracked anti-hero team based on characters from various Rob Zombie songs.

  • 6mm Trojan War. This is sort of a dream project and I have a few figs I picked up for proof of concept but haven't started the project full on. So far I have been focusing on the Trojan Allies as they are more diverse and therefore enjoyable to collect.

  • Survival Horror. This is really in the development/experimental stage but I am trying to develop a fun and effective miniatures game for this genre.
It may not be as huge a list as some out there and I am sure I'm forgetting something, but it is still a mountain of work for me and there are always new projects popping to mind all the time. I also split my hobby time between various RPGs and board games as well.

Let's see how it all shapes up,



  1. Oi! Dat dere was my idear!

    But it does kinda make you stop and think about just how much you have bitten off, dunnit?


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