Monday, October 20, 2008

How Far is Too Far?

The other day it struck me, while I was sketching concepts for my survival horror miniatures game, that we seem to assign different limits to what is going "too far" depending on the media being used. I have often found that if I watch horror movies or read a particularly lewd story I am perceived far more differently than if I play in a game that involves similar content. It's one thing to read about half-clad vampiresses or to watch unthinkable creatures ripping apart hapless co-eds in slasher films, but it is an entirely different thing if I have such things appear in my games. This strikes me as odd.

In my design work now and in my various games, writings, doodle and such in the past, I have conceived of some pretty horrific and potentially objectionable ideas. This has little to do with who I am. Some of the games I play are about nasty things. Some are also about truly wondrous things or outright wacky things.

But, all things said and done, is there a limit?

Contemplatively yours,



  1. You're getting way too deep for me. More pictures of small lead men, please. That's all my lukewarm tapioca can handle.

  2. I think the limit is your own comfort level and those of your players. We play "wargames" after all and war is not pretty. Myself, I don't play modern wargames, I've been there and done that for real, I don't really need to do it in miniature. So I stick mainly to semi-historical and fantasy. I know it sounds wierd, but there you go; comfort level.

    Devon aka: larskyler

  3. Hey there,

    Good to see you made it to my blog, Devon.

    I can see how modern stuff might not be overly appealing to folks who have recent or lasting real life experiences in that department.

    I have yet to play any modern scenarios myself and tend to stick to things sci-fi, horror, fantasy themed.


  4. Ahh, for the record I take a look at you blog on a fairly routine basis. Good stuff, keep up the good work.


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