Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Land Ironclad Conversion WIP - Part 2

Since I first decided to try my hand at some homebrew land ironclads, I have been finding myself coming up with more and more projects ideas for the game. In addition to finishing the two that I had already started and posted about, I have also found another two of a different design to put together.

The original two have had all their parts assembled and put together. I decided to use 15mm Sherman tank road wheels for the two smaller secondary turrets I wanted to place toward the rear of the hull of the vehicles. I drilled small holes in them and inserted cut pieces of thin wire for the barrels. These glued to the hull nicely and should hold well once painted. For the main guns, I simply glued the guns to the hull. This is not the most elegant of methods but it should ensure a hold that will stand up to play.

As for the two others of a new design, these were made from parts off of two different types of old Ral Partha tanks. These had originally been purchased for one project or another but never were used. After knocking them apart with a heavy object (man that superglue set hard), I found that the tracks off of one mated up to the body of the other made for nice retro look with a boxy hull. A tower at one end of the hull made the perfect place to put the primary turret (made from a 1/72 tank road wheel). I fleshed out the look by adding a 15mm oil drum for a funnel and some wire barrels in the turret and the design was done. This one was easier than the first but it used fewer parts that went together much more solidly.

At this point, I am down to just the basing and painting of the land ironclads. I am also working on some bipedal "steam soldiers" and some infantry blocks , but will cover those in a future post. When they are all done, I hope to show them all off together in one grand picture.

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