Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gundam Miniatures Battles or I Need a New Hobby Like I Need...

This was bound to happen, but I have recently come into the knowledge that a line of models for the mecha from the various Mobile Suit Gundam series has been available for a while now. These models come in a range of scales but the one that caught my ever-roaming eye were those in 1/400 scale. Of course, this puts them right at a game-worthy size and means that I must now have them.

Curse the universe for making this even possible. I am scrambling trying to assemble the mecha that I most would like to have on the battlefield, scraping together from a line of collectible figures that have been in production long enough for some of the early and, for me, more desirable sets to be out of production and scarce. So, like a mad bat out of some dark fiery place, I am on a quest to get a hold of enough 1/400 Gundam models to make this thing work.

I am waiting on two boxes of randomly assorted figs to arrive. These were picked up for a song on a clearance sale and should prove to be a nice and educational first purchase. My hope is that the rarity of units will shadow the rarity of the various units in their respective series - grunt suits more common than star or specialized suits. If this plays out, then I will be in business.

If you are reading this and have any information on the breakdown of the various boxes in the Gundam Collection series of 1/400 collectible figures, please drop me a comment.




  1. ebay is loaded with them, from individuals at 4.99 to sets for 130.00+. They look sweet too

  2. I would be curious to find out what search parameters you used as I only found a handful of Ebay items for 1/400 Gundams.

  3. Are you familiar with the Gundam Collection Tactical Combat Players Guide?

    It has the rules (in Japanese) and explains the values on the bases of the figs.

  4. I realize this is an old thread. But:

    This is the address for a facebook group devoted to the translation of the Japanese game rules and to support other players/collectors with information.


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