Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sci-fi Jet Bike Contest Part 2 - It's Official!

Rich over at Rattrap added an air of legitimacy to our contest recently. In a recent post he officialized the scratchbuilt jetbike construction contest. Rich and Froggy lay out the rules in this post (

The entry has to be a one-man vehicle no bigger, in scale, than a Smartcar. It has to be themed for pulp sci-fi (rayguns, bubble helmets, skinsuits, etc). and has to be in by November 31st. All entries should be posted to the above mentioned thread on Rattrap's "Speakeasy" forum with the subject "2008 Jetbike Challenge) for ease of location.

All interested parties are welcome to sign up and join and if we can get 10 entries, not only will you have bragging rights, Rich has offered to throw in a real prize (a copy of the upcoming Planet X supplement for Fantastic Worlds had been mentioned).

So, there you have it. Time to get building and hope to see your entries at the Speakeasy!!!


P.S. Readers with their own forums, websites, or online communities, please feel free to post about this and invite others.

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