Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ganesha Games "Star Eagles" - Explaining Initiative in Star Eagles

Ganesha Games continues to shed light on the the system for their upcoming Star Eagles space fighter combat game. Following the coverage of movement in my last post, I wanted to share their own words on how initiative works in Star Eagles. The pic below shows the lovely range of ConStar light, medium, and heavy fighters.

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Today I am going to talk a bit about how initiative works in STAR EAGLES. Tomorrow I will explain what happens during a fighter's activation. 

When a mission is created, one player will start with the initiative as dictated by the mission. The player who has initiative has the power to choose which player will next activate a ship or group of ships. 

Having initiative is important because that player will control the flow of the battle. A player will keep initiative until it is taken away from him by rolling a TURNOVER(explained tomorrow when discussing the activation) or having the non initiative player damage one of the initiative player's ships. 

It is quite possible for initiative to go back and forth during a turn and also possible for a player to retain initiative during the entire game(although extremely unlikely). No matter who has initiative, all ships will eventually have a chance to activate in a turn, having the initiative just allows some control of when they will activate. 

This system creates a very dynamic battle and creates a lot of tension between both players. The Initiative player must decide how aggressive he wishes to be during his activation, pushing his pilots too hard may result in making mistakes and losing the initiative. The non initiative player must be aggressive if he wishes to take control of the battle.

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