Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ganesha Games "Star Eagles" - Explaining Fighter Activation in Star Eagles

So, it would appear that I missed a few posts on the Star Eagles Facebook while I was attending to some family business. This has led to me posting updates a bit out of order. Things are returning to normal for me, so I should be able to keep up but please enjoy this post regarding how Fighter Activation works in Star Eagles. 

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Those already familiar with other Ganesha Games such as Song of Blades and Heroes or Galleys and Galleon will already have some familiarity with the basic of how unit activation works, but STAR EAGLES has some notable differences. 

When a ship activates, it will have an opportunity to move, attack, and perform other special activities such as scanning. Everything a ship does in Star Eagles is called an action. There are three types of actions; free actions, normal actions, and reactions.

Free actions can be performed without using any pilot actions and are primarily just basic movement and basic turning. Normal actions require the use of pilot actions and these include advanced manoeuvres, shooting, launching missiles, scanning and other activities. Reactions are opportunities the pilot may have to take an action outside a ship's normal activation as a result of enemy activity occurring nearby. 

When a Starfighter has an opportunity to activate it may choose to roll dice to get pilot action points to spend during its activation. The number of actions it gets will be determined by the Pilot's quality and the amount of risk the player want to take when activating. The controlling player may choose to roll 1,2, or 3 dice. The players choice. Each dice that rolls equal or higher than the pilots Quality rating provides one action point for the ship. These points will be spent during the ship's activation to perform 'normal' actions. Dice that roll below the quality of the pilot are called an activation failure. If a player rolls two or more failed dice during an activation, the opponent may take the initiative if he doesn't already have it or draw a COMBAT CARD.

COMBAT CARDS are highly useful tools which I will explain in a later post.

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