Saturday, February 22, 2014

Going Rogue! - New Stuff for Rogue Space


Archetypes: Scoundrel
Abilities: +2 Acquiring

Toe Claws: Skeevs packs a wicked claw on each of their feet. These are used as weapons in their native fighting style. These claws do L type damage. 

Description: Skeevs are a diminutive species of humanoids with a withered, stringy physique. Dry, drawn skin covers there body, spotted with warts and blemishes. Their long faces have prominent overbites with jagged, jutting teeth. Their posture is stooped and balanced on legs that are disproportionately long for their bodies each ending in a club-like foot with two claws, one being cooked and sharp. Skeevs come in a number of skin colors ranging from yellows, to oranges and reds.

Nobody knows where Skeevs come from. If they have a planet it is either well hidden, remote, or long gone, possibly a mixture of any of these. Instead, Skeevs travel the stars in massive barques - ramshackle ships, festooned with scavenged equipment, components and weapons. 

Skeev tech is a combination of rigged components stolen and scavenged from those upon whom they prey. Skeevs are not picky and will make use of anything, regardless of tech level. Any weapon can kill and the alien with the most weapons usually wins. On occasion, Skeevs may be in possession of incredible technology. In many cases they are often using such tech to less than its full potential, either not understanding it entirely or lacking associated components necessary to utilize them to full capability. 

Culture and Laws
Skeevs live by a simple law of "big stick, best idea". Skeev culture is predicated on scrambling to get one up on those around you. While they may often band together and form alliances, these are units of convenience or necessity and only as solid and steadfast as long as those needs persist. Skeevs do not form strong family bonds and even their young (born by the dozen) prey on one another in a interplay of treachery, deceit and one-upmanship.

The laws of these creatures are usually centered around the proper way to deal with those who cross them. Barque captains often maintain some sort of ship's code that is supposed to bind all those sheltering aboard his vessel. This does not stop Skeevs from engaging in their usual larceny but it does slow them down. Plans are often hatched on board the barques, but generally held off until the Skeevs away to carry out.

Skeevs are most commonly seen using slug throwers and other projectile weapons. Rockets and grenades are often popular as well. Higher tech weapons are not unheard of, but are often the gear of more successful and powerful Skeevs. Blades of all kinds are also popular.

As stated above, Skeevs live their live in massive ships called barques. No two barques are alike and each is home to dozens, sometimes hundreds of smaller small attack ships, the Skeevs call "cutlasses". Each cutlass is either the personal property and project of its crew (usually 2-5) or, in cases of less fortunate Skeevs, a patron or benefactor, often the captain of the barque on which they are based. 

Relations to Humanity
Humans and Skeevs are not good company. Skeevs see humanity as easy pickings, seeing them as soft-skinned, luxury-minded, and easy going. Humans see Skeevs as vermin. Human authorities often give Skeevs little quarter, often taking on a fire first and never bother asking question attitude. Skeevs do love human technology, finding that it integrates nicely with all manner of technology.

Using them in Rogue Space
Skeevs are perfect encounters in any adventure. Skeevs can easily be inserted as a random encounter both in space and planetside. Skeevs also make good plot devices, being a source of crime and larceny throughout known space.


  1. Sketchy, crafty and potentially treacherous? Fantastic!! With great art to boot? Kick ass stuff Eli! I'd love to see you write up the Barques and Cutlass ships as well! Great Stuff!

    1. I'll see what I can do. I haven't drawn spaceships in ages.

  2. Whoohoo, this is one mean and ugly muggly! Nice character sketch, Eli.

    1. Jay, this is one of those races that I have been wanting to sculpt for a while. They are a bit wee and as such I've had to get my sculpting to the point where I feel confident in doing smaller than human figs in 15mm scale.

  3. Replies
    1. I like to think of them as what goblins and such are in D&D. You need those low level baddies that can show up all the time and can actually be dangerous if you get enough of them together.

  4. Thanks guys. I really wish I could find the mojo that created these guys.

    A few years back I was on a real roll and started tightening up my monster illustrations again. Seems that streak is once again on standby. I do't know if it's the sculpting that did it or just a lack of time to settle into drawing.

  5. Very cool concept. Love the look of them as well.

    1. Thanks Simon. I love drawing and creating aliens. Sometimes I even turn them into miniatures.


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