Thursday, December 20, 2007

There's a Rocket in Your House or Budget Gaming 102

A few weeks back I cobbled this little gem as a sort of proof of concept for my rocket ship from household junk idea.


Though not made entirely of household junk, I think it's a nice demonstration of what you can do with stuff you have laying around or can collect from household waste and a few bits. The main body of ship is a bottle from a popular brand of children's yogurt drink. The canopy was crudely sculpted, in just a few minutes, from green stuff as were the headlamps. The rocket nozzel at the back is the cap off of another children's drink bottle. For the skids, I used pieces clipped off a plastic hanger, specifically thoe little hook parts used for hanging yours or your wife's delicates.

For detail bits I added a nosecone made from the spout off of a glue bottle, an engine from an old miniatures kit and a single sprocket from a 1/72 tank model.

The whole thing turned out quite nice, though in the future I will likely try to find an inexpensive model canopy to use instead of sculpting them and perhaps I can also find somethin to use as headlamps to ease construction. Thisi s just the first "Rocket Pod" and I can think of a lot of ways t use the same yogurt bottle to make a variety of small rocket ships scaped to 28mm or even larger vessels for 15mm.

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