Tuesday, December 18, 2007

6mm Trojan War

The concept for my Trojan War project was a simple one - find a happy medium between the legendary and historical aspects of the conflict. Having decided this I had to decide which aspects I wanted to include. This too, was a simple choice as Homer's accounting provides a nice cross section of old and new making his accounting a nice "wargame-able" setting. The variety of Homer's "Iliad" is enhanced by the inclusion of elements from other stories such as the Amazon, African and Thracian ally contingents that comes to the aid of Troy.

So, I had figured out what I wanted to include -
  1. Variety of tactics - old and new style units combining loose order spear and javelin warriors with long spear and tower shields.
  2. Trojan allies.
A pretty simple list, but then again it was a pretty simple decission. The next thing to do was to figure out where to get all this stuff.

This was a challenge because Mycenaean Greece is notoriously under supported in the hobby. There are countless ranges for other Biblical era armies but you are lucky to find more than a hand full of Greek ranges for this era. Add to this the obscurity of 6mm and guess've got like one line Irregular Miniatures.

Irregular is an oldy but a goody. Despite some issues with the way they base up their 6mm figs, they are nicely thought out and a HUGE range. There is also Baccus and, if you can find them, Heroics and Ross, but neither does anything dedicated to Mycenaean Greece. This does however lead me into the next step of the plan...

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