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Ganesha Games "Star Eagles" - Explaining Movement in Star Eagles

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So Ganesha Games has moved beyond teasing us with pictures of the amazing ship miniatures for their upcoming Star Eagles space fighter combat game and started sharing some of the concepts behind their rules. While these are still in the playtest stages, they are pretty solid and show us how dynamic the system plans to be.

The words and pictures below are from their post on their Facebook group and I have posted the original text to preserve the integrity of their commentary - something I shall be doing with any of their more detailed release information.

Movement and Maneuvers in Star Eagles

When a ship activates it will have a number of pilot actions between 0-3 (See Activation post here for how pilot actions are determined…) it must then builds it maneuver. Maneuvers are built by linking a series of movement sticks to form the flight path of the fighter. Using this method, a wide variety of movements may be made without a great deal of complication or advanced calculation and it creates a visual representation of the flight path.

There are three types of movement sticks;

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NORMAL a 3” move allowing up to a 22.5 degree turn at the end

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TIGHT TURN or SIDE SLIP a 3” move allowing a 22.5 degree turn at the beginning and a 22.5 degree turn at the end.

Image may contain: night and text Image may contain: text

REVERSE TURN a 3” move allowing up to a 360 degree turn at the end. It comes with risk as a fighter must make a pilot quality roll at the end. If failed, the opponent may decide the direction of the turn.

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The process is very simple;

1) Take a number of Normal Movement Sticks equal to the ships speed. An average speed is three, meaning it will start with three normal move sticks.

2) ALL movement sticks MUST be used

3) A normal move sticks may be ADDED or REMOVED by spending one pilot action for each stick added or removed. This is called using an action to thrust or burn retros

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4) Advanced maneuvers may be purchased with Pilot actions as follows

a. A SIDESLIP cost one pilot action and replaces ONE normal move stick

b. A TIGHT TURN costs one pilot action and replaces TWO normal move stick

c. A REVERSE TURN cost two pilot actions and replaces TWO normal move sticks

5) Once you have decided how many and what type of sticks to use, just lay them out to form your flight path.

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