Friday, November 18, 2016

New Wood Parts Means New Ships

I haven't been working on this project much as sculpting is taking hat time I have, but I was at the 
craft store with my wife and decided to wander past the wood craft section. Frustratingly, they seem to have changed their supplier and in doing so also changed what items they carry. I'm sure they have market reasons for this, but it has meant that it is harder to find more of the parts I started the project with. What I have found are some new shapes that were not out before. 

I picked up some packs of shapes that looked like they would fit in with the project. Some of the resulting hull shapes are shown below. 

These ship hulls are made up of two pieces and form a nice shape. I have them sitting on the flat end as the disk at the top is slightly rounded on one side. The bulk would be consistent with some sort of light cruiser. regardless of which direction I orient them they will have ample space for bow weapons.

The next two examples make use of different sized spools. I had initially avoided spool shapes because they were just too straight, but they are a great way to create a large area for greeblies and weapons systems. The one on the left is definitely another light cruiser while the one on the right is closer in size to what I have been building as destroyers, maybe even a little smaller. The right-hand example makes use of one of the plastic dome beads I had been using as turrets to break the flat ended spool shape. Both have rounded tail ends so they are sitting on handy model parts for the purposes of the picture.

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