Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Contraband Eggs and Flying Ships

Hey All,

Posting this news  few days late but I figured it was worth sharing nonetheless.

A while back I backed a Kickstarter for "Imperial Skies" a new VSF airship combat games written by that wonderful chap Robin Fitton who also brought us Gruntz 15mm. As soon as Robin announced the project, I was on board. His success with Gruntz 15mm was proven and I wanted to be in on the ground floor for this new game which happened to have the added bonus of being made in collaboration with Brigade Models and their extensive range of VSF airships.

So, July 30th, I received two gifts from the UK. The first was a tasty treat in the form of a Kinder Surprise egg. The other was my copy of Imperial Skies.

Imperial Skies impresses right out of the package. The cover is wonderfully thematic with striking cover art that announces exactly what it's all about. The interior is nicely formatted and laid out in a such a way as to be truly instructive not just on the rules of the game but the feel of the universe, the hobby and the craft of it all. Robin even include quite an extensive section on how to make the most of your gaming pieces with quite a few suggestions on how to take them extra mile.

After all of the rules and extensive examples, you also get full construction rules for those who, like myself, love custom ships or who may want to build fleets not in Brigade's colossal range of ship models which are full rendered in statistics for Imperial Skies.

I have only scratched the surface and already I am eager to build my fleet(s) and start to expand on the game.

Give it a try!



  1. Has some grammatical errors and was surprised the turn rings weren't included (now a pdf download). Seems to borrow ideas from several sources, but that's what I would have done too.

  2. I haven't caught the grammar errors, so I cannot comment on those.

    Game systems, like a lot of writing, TV, and films, struggle to come up with anything truly original. Truly original also tends to mean wacky in rules and this can lead to ridiculous rules systems.

    The turn rings didn't bother me much.

    I am happy to see that he decided to build off an existing range of miniatures. This makes jumping into the game a lot easier and we do not run into what we do with other games built for a universe where we end up waiting for the miniatures to be released for everything in the armies.

  3. Agreed, but not having the turn rings makes kinda hard to play the game.

  4. I missed this somehow. Guess I need to get buying.


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