Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Scratchbuilding Spaceships - The Big Ships

The project continues...

After a couple of setbacks involving an unfamiliar brand of spray paint, I lost a couple of completed ship models. A light cruiser I had modeled up was trashed but will work for a wreck. The battleship, a brand new design for me, was toast beyond salvage. 

I have now rebuilt the battleship as well as a dreadnought design. After getting a handle on the new paint, I managed to get it work rather nicely for the models and so I now have all the ships in their red fleet color. Detailing remains but I have decide on whether these will be human or alien vessels and what sorts of markings they need.



  1. Good series of posts. Good to see the raw models to get a feel for your materials and techniques.

  2. I can show off the raw materials if you like. Sometimes I am not thinking as I get into the groove and forget to take WIP pics at all stages.

  3. So effective and inspiring.
    p.s I'd like to see the raw materials too

  4. I keep forgetting to take the pics.

    When I get into the groove it is literally a blur of glue and clippers and files and bits.


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