Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Scratchbuilt Spaceships - First Details

Dived right in on a couple of the smaller ships today, I decided to work on two different types because I wanted to play around with more detailing techniques.

I considered adding more details to them but too much detailing was destroying their rounded shapes which is a key element of their design style. So in this case, less is more and I will likely add some additional detail with painting.

The two I worked on here are a frigate and a destroyers. The frigate is equipped with a twin turret (taken from a Mechwarrior Clix tank) and bow-mounted missile tubes (plastic canvas). The Destroyer is equipped with two single gun turrets (cut sprue and plastic rod) and bow-mounted missiles. Engins are off-cuts from plastic tubes and pearler beads.

It appears that I am going to have to live with a few machining marks on the wood pieces. Five coats of primer, two coats of varnish, and another of black spray paint still leaves some visible tool marks. I can live with this. I still having the final painting to do over this all.


  1. I think these will turn out looking pretty fun. Nice to have something different from the blocky designs that are typically produced, too.

  2. Yes. I really don't expect the powers that be to see a market in such retro-tastic designs. So I shall build them myself for my own use.


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