Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sculpting the Wasteland

Sculpting has become a real pastime for me and a way for me to share my creativity with others through the production of those things that I sculpt. Well before there was all the hype of Mad Max: Fury Road, ti had embarked on a project to sculpt a wasted future the likeso f which I used to play in back in my Gamma World days. 

Looking around the industry I found a lot of monsters, aliens, and some mutants but nothing that really formed a dedicated range of blasted futuristic figures. I started with two sets of mutants depicting several characters that could populate the post-apocalypse. 

Really weird mutants/cyborgs

More humanoid mutants, including a masked wasteland shaman

Once the mutants were done, I started on a set of scruffy, ultra-violence raiders/gangers. These are real Road Warrior sorts, with mohawks, masks, shoulder pads and improvised weapons. So far, this has produced 9 different ganger sculpts that are waiting their turn to go into production.

In addition to human and mutant denizens, I also decided that there was call for some mutated undead. So, I made rad zombies. These zombies are dripping, oozing, shambling bags of mutated yuck. They are unlike any sort of zombie miniatures I have seen to date in that they are all depicted extreme levels of decay with exposed bones, lots of hanging flesh and hollowed body cavities. 

The latest bits to reach completion are four heroes of the wasteland that I have called Road Wardens. This name was chosen as a not to the Road Warrior who inspired them but also to peg them in their roles as heroic types. I am sure players will use them for all manner of characters - heroes and villains alike, but the role of hero was used for creative direction when designing the miniatures.


  1. So creative as usual, and great variety as befits a post-apoc setting!. I think my favourites are the guy on the right in pic #1, and the fat mutant with round goggles and a staff (though rifle mutant to its left is a great pose).

    1. Thank you. I really enjoyed sculpting these figures and hope to do more.

    2. Hi Eli,
      Just got a set of your rad zombies - I really, really like them.
      I hope you do manage to make some more.

    3. Thanks!

      I do hope to get at least one more pack of them out.

  2. Very nice sculpts mate. I amazed there haven't been many other sculpts in the genre over the years especially of this quality.

    1. There hasn't been because there really hasn't been call for it. Even with the revival of classic gaming and nostalgia rules, the mutant future has faded from popularity. I blame a good chunk of it on the realities of the nuclear age versus the fantasy of it. In the post-Cold War we are aware that global disaster isn't fun and is more likely to be like "The Road" than "Road Warrior".

      The re-boot of the franchise and the continued success of Fallout is helping to revive this genre but mostly in the realm of 28mm where it has never quite gone away but simply hid in other guises such as Warhammer 40,000 and the zombie hype.


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