Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tales From The Wood Explained in a Simple Video

I have written before on the subject on one of my favorite but very unsung RPGs, "Tales From The Wood" by Simon Washborne. This game asks players to take on the role of non-anthropomorphic animal characters and to play in a setting that is bereft of almost all the trappings of other RPGS - monsters, magic, science, tech, etc. But this is overly simple an interpretation as TFTW has its own monsters and enough enchantment to make for a magical feel if not magic itself.

Trying to explain the setting to mature gamers is often difficult as many seem unable to see beyond the furry animals and likely a lot of baggage undeservedly attached to them by the popularity of anthro animals in cartoons, games, and general fandom. TFTW is not those things, but it unless you look deeper at it, you may not see this.

This video my brother shared on Facebook pretty much sums it up...

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