Monday, February 10, 2014

Childhood Memories at the Speed of Light

Hey all,

Been a while since I have posted anything about a purchase but I had to share this one.

When I was a kid, around junior high, I was really into games like Star Frontiers and just about anything Space Opera. Being of the Star Wars generation, strange and wondrous futures were in my blood. "Lightrunner" is a graphic novel that captures that same laser-slinging, faster than light fantasy anyone from that time will appreciate.

I had owned this graphic novel as a kid and was originally drawn to it by the cool art, space babes and aliens. But the story is pretty cool, involving a plot built around a spaceship that defies the conventions of its universe and is central to a political scheme that entangles the heroes who come to take possession of the titular vessel.

After losing it when I moved out on my own, I had forgotten about the book for years until recently I found myself in the grips of a sort of self-induced Space Opera revival. I found myself going back to titles like Alien Legion and some of my old Heavy Metal comics and then I remembered this one. I figured it was obscure enough that it would be impossible to track down, much like many of the oddball one-offs I found as a kid (e.g. Space Infantry RPG). Boy was I thrilled to see several copies on Ebay, including the one I picked up that cost me around $6 after shipping. It isn't perfect, but it's in better condition than the one I owned, though I think my cpy had a green cover, but that could just be a trick of memory - perhaps confusing it one of the Elfquest Graphic Novels.

I recommend Lightrunner to anyone looking for a nicely illustrated, space adventure.

I mean, come on, they don't make space henchmen wearing leather boots with fringe anymore!


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  1. Sounds cool, hope to see some conversions for it! Maybe for Rogue Space? : )


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